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Rescue Race

The rescue race is done Thursday, Friday and Saturday night of the rodeo. It consists of two people, one who rides their horse into the arena, and one who stands next to a barrel at the other end of the arena to be picked up. The pair with the fastest time wins. There is no entry fee, but you must pay admission. Prize money will be given to the top three teams. 

Wild Horse Race

The wild horse race is done on Friday night of the rodeo. It consists of five teams of three people. The object of the race is to attempt to get a wild horse from the bucking chutes to the finish line halfway across the arena. Sounds simple, but Three Hills brings their best bucking horses for this event. Winners will receive cash.

Money the Hard Way

Money the hard way is Edgewood's most famous event that takes place during the rodeo. Saturday night a group of individuals are given the chance to retrieve a token off of a bull's horns. As always, Three Hills brings the meanest bull, which makes this event nearly impossible. This event is very dangerous and requires a waiver to be signed on Saturday night. We always have ambulances on stand by. However, it has been done and the winner receives cash. Are you willing to try to get Money the Hard Way?
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